Why there's increased demand for Aurora's process automation

AAA can you try to use this too instead of For manufacturers and packers of industrial products, the process line can be an important point of difference. By focusing on operational capability, companies are achieving greater efficiency, a higher ROI, more process uptime, and the ability to serve their markets better.

These are but a few factors behind the growing demand for Aurora’s automated process equipment. Our next-generation filling, closing, palletizing, and wrapping solutions are helping our customers refine the way they do business, and giving them a major edge over competitors on the world stage.

In this blog, we share the unique advantages of building your processes with Aurora, and why more and more companies are turning to our equipment and services.

Tailored solutions

At Aurora, we understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our dedication to providing tailored solutions and processes is a major reason we are seeing a sharp uptick in interest.

Our Fuji Robotic Palletizer — the world’s fastest automated palletizing system — serves to show how adaptable our equipment is to manufacturers and packhouses.

The Fuji palletizer has seen over 12,000 installations worldwide, by small single product processors to large multinational manufacturers alike. Capable of 1,800 cycles per hour, it accurately handles bags, sacks, cases, and many other package types, without requiring specialised programming.

The palletizer integrates with single and multi-lane setups and is extremely customisable: the unit can be programmed to work with a range of pallet and product types, and wrap and stack pallets in a variety of operator-specified patterns. With the varied pallet dispensing and accumulation options available, facilities of just about any layout or size can benefit. 

Aurora's automated process solutions enable your product to reach buyers sooner and in better condition, you can save substantially on labour costs, and you can increase your production uptime, all at once.

End-to-end solutions

Take care of your customers by providing high-quality finished products, and you will earn their loyalty. Aurora’s end-to-end solutions pave the way. 

Our offerings begin with precision filling equipment, and we complete the picture with premium closing, conveying, palletizing, and wrapping units. By opting for a whole end-to-end setup (one of the many possibilities with our product line), you can take your operations to new levels of efficiency.

Our automated systems allow you to focus more on core competencies and business needs. In this way, Aurora equipment is drastically reducing production downtime for many of our valued customers. 

But beyond this, we also comprehensively train your staff in working with and maintaining our equipment. 

Upskilled workers become efficient, engaged specialists. Combine automated production with a labour force educated in the safe operation and diagnostics of Aurora equipment, and you’ll immediately increase the ROI of your process line and every asset involved. 

Competitive advantage

Automation is not going anywhere. In 2019, the adoption of robotic systems will continue to spread dramatically across industries and applications. We are likely to see more AI-enabled robots in industrial manufacturing and higher interactivity between human labourers and ‘smart’ machinery. 

It’s critical that manufacturers keep up with the times. 

Aurora’s turn-key solutions allow you to do just that. Our intelligent, operator-friendly systems yield impressive levels of control, precision, and speed, from filling and closing to palletizing and wrapping. 

Automation improves industrial businesses from the inside out, and there’s still a chance to make a significant difference to your competitiveness by adopting it now. Those firms that act now can streamline operations straight away, and position themselves to innovate to their customers’ delight. 

Aurora stays ahead of all the latest developments in automation and transfers that critical edge to your process.

More businesses are achieving their goals with the smart process solutions Aurora provide. And the increased demand is no accident. Whether you upgrade your production line one unit at a time, or you opt for a complete turn-key system to revolutionise your business, Aurora can customise a working solution just for you. 

Get in touch with Aurora today and discover how to increase your process line ROI and break down barriers to your growth.

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