How automation improves industrial processes


Automation is bringing remarkable change to industrial manufacturing and process. Companies around the world are gaining an edge due to the efficient operations, lower costs, and competitive advantage that automated systems offer. 

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Aurora: Award-winning supplier to USA's new cutting-edge Dairy Farmers of America plant

ProFood World has selected the Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) facility in Garden City, KS USA as a 2018 Manufacturing Innovation Award (MIA) winner.  This facility was judged as one of the most innovative new food and beverage plants built in the past year. Aurora was pleased to provide critical foreign matter control systems for this cutting-edge process. Our high-performance FORCE10 Magnetic Separators are used in process to control product purity and protect consumers.
We love being involved in a project of this scope and representing New Zealand's unique capabilities in dairy process manufacturing. Our FORCE10 equipment is a integral part of many processes across the globe, processing countless tons of product every hour for some of the worlds greatest brands.

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Best of the Best - Top 50!

Why does this matter?

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