Automated systems: The key to a higher ROI

For industrial manufacturers, a great ROI is key to longevity. When every asset contributes its maximum value to the business each day, the result is lower operating costs, minimised risk and an efficient, agile process that brings sustainable returns year on year. 

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4 ways robotics is transforming production

Robotics is no longer just a buzzword; it’s vital to industrial manufacturing. Robotic solutions are completely redefining the way manufacturers get work done on the floor & how they prepare their products for market.

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How industrial manufacturers can improve staff safety

An industrial manufacturing company must strive to stay fully operational, productive and profitable every day in order to remain competitive in today's dynamic marketplace. One of the key methods to achieving this is to ensure the health and safety of workers.

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Aurora’s service and support: Benefits for industrial process

The global industrial packaging industry is experiencing steady growth and development. Robust competition is challenging businesses to secure competitive advantage through innovation and process development. Today’s companies must adjust their strategies in order to remain relevant, add value and protect market share.

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